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On Getting Started: Musings of a Procrastinator

The hardest part of writing is... writing. As is true with all other things, I'd venture to guess. I've been wanting to start my blog again for, oh, a short two and a half years. Give or take. And when I say start again, I mean, really start at all. While you can certainly enjoy my previous blog,, you'll quickly see the entries were inconsistent, if entertaining. I've been relenting the fact that I've gotten away from my to-do lists recently. I'll let the irony drip that I've been too busy for a to-do list! And my to-dos have not been getting to-done. Well, that buck stops here!

My back-to-school lewk

Autumn always fills me with a sense of urgency to do what needs to be done, and inspiration to try something new. Maybe it's that last gasp of life before settling into the dark winter months, maybe it's nostalgia for the years that autumn brought back-to-school mixed emotions, maybe I just feel less sluggish after the heat of summer has passed. Whatever the motivation for this inspiration, let's run with it. Back-to-Blogging has begun and I'm excited to bring you along with me.

Because I love to hear what motivates others, how do you get on track when your responsibilities or projects have gotten behind? Or what motivates you to take all of those weird and wonderful ideas in your head and start sharing them with the world?

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