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about me

What kind of name is Sheridan? 

Sheridan is actually a family name. My great-grandmother's name was Anne Sheridan (no, not the actress), so my parents named me Sheridan Anne! It's fun because every so often my family would have a Sheridan Family Reunion and I would have fun seeing my name branding the party. 


How did you get into yoga? 

I first got into yoga as many people did, for exercise. I knew there was more to it than that and that it was something hippie kind of people did (at least before it became SO popular in the mainstream), so it just seemed like an appropriate physical practice for me to explore. That led me to the philosophical and lifestyle aspects of yoga that have greatly improved every aspect of my personal and professional life. 

How much training have you had?

I'm currently a 500-hour Yoga Teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance. That denotes that I've had 500+ hours of training at an accredited studio and that I continue my training regularly. It's a lifetime practice and I continue my training and learning all the time! 

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? 

A great question! Digital marketing is any marketing that uses digital technology or the internet to communicate a desired message. 

Why do I need to be doing digital marketing?

You don't NEED to do anything. You may WANT to use digital marketing tools and strategies to help your message reach both larger quantities of people and better targeted people who will benefit from what your business has to offer them.

According to a recent report, one million people are using the internet for the first time EVERY DAY. Over 3.5 billion people are currently on the internet. You don't NEED to speak to all those people, but you may want to speak to some of them. 

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