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Yoga Classes

Your home is your studio when we practice together online! 

Golden Chakra

Private Classes Available

Interested in scheduling a class for yourself, your friends/co-workers or as a fundraising event? Reach out on the Where To Find Me page to discus! 

Golden Chakra


Pricing varies based on location and number of participants. Discounted pricing will be considered for fundraiser classes. 

Class Descriptions

I aim to make all classes suitable for most people, balancing a steady pace that allows for breath connection, variations on poses and context to connect our mat practice to your daily life.

All Levels

A 60 minute class that provides a rounded experience of breath-connected flow with a mindful approach to movement and stillness.


A 50 minute class that opens with a more vigorous, mindful flow of postures, moving into longer holds of gentle poses to calm the mind and body. Designed for ending the day and preparing for evening rest.


A 60 minute class gently waking the body with longer holds of gentle poses, moving into a more energetic, moving flow of asana postures. Designed for sleepy Sunday mornings to prepare mind and body for the day ahead. 

*Many people are experiencing financial uncertainty due to COVID-19. If you feel unable to contribute, please contact me anyway about joining classes. 

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