Virtual Yoga


Your home is your studio when we practice together online! 

Golden Chakra

Thursdays at 7pm

Zoom - contact me ahead for link 

All Levels Yoga

Golden Chakra


Suggested donation of $10*


Payable to:

Venmo - @sherideez

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Class Descriptions


I aim to make all classes suitable for most people, balancing a steady pace that allows for breath connection, variations on poses and context to connect our mat practice to your daily life.

All Levels

A 60 minute class that provides a rounded experience of breath-connected flow with a mindful approach to movement and stillness.


A 50 minute class that opens with a more vigorous, mindful flow of postures, moving into longer holds of gentle poses to calm the mind and body. Designed for ending the day and preparing for evening rest.


A 60 minute class gently waking the body with longer holds of gentle poses, moving into a more energetic, moving flow of asana postures. Designed for sleepy Sunday mornings to prepare mind and body for the day ahead. 

*Many people are experiencing financial uncertainty due to COVID-19. If you feel unable to contribute, please contact me anyway about joining classes.