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Golden Chakra

The ancient practice of yoga has been helping people reach higher states of being for centuries, if not millenia. Can I help you reach a higher state of being? No promises.


What I can do is help you use this system of physical, breath-centered practice and tools for living a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle to achieve a better quality of life right here and now. 

Golden Chakra

personalized services

I've worked with a wide range of abilities and ages, utilizing my training in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and therapeutic yoga. Let me know your goals and I'll help customize a plan to suit your needs. 


You and I practice together.

small group

You and a small group of friends enjoy a personalized class.

Corporate classes

You and your colleagues enjoy the benefits of yoga together. 


Yoga is healthy AND fun. Let's party! 

studio classes

Need another teacher or sub on your roster? Let's chat-uranga. 

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